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Youtube Views

Sending the right message to users on multiple devices is vital for a successful campaign. Here at Nautux we thrive on giving your brands top priority in three fields User Engagement, Brand Growth & Bringing Users Back.

Facebook Likes

Reaching your targeted audience is hard enough and odds are without spending thousands on advertising you might not make it. Nautux shines a new light on growth, reaching the right audience for your page!

Game Installs

Driving installs to people who want to play your game. Nautux helps you to achieve your goals whether it be installs to a game or a more long term growth deal with so many organic installs a week, month or year.

Music Growth

With the way the music industry is its hard enough to promoting yourself and your music, at Nautux we help you reach your targeted audience without spending thousands on advertising. Nautux shines a new light on your music!

Nautux and What We Do

Giving Your Brands Hype Where They Need It Most
 Connecting To Multiple Users

Send the right message to users on the right device, at the perfect time. Nautux is built for marketing your brand to users who are interested in your content. Don’t waste time on marketing to a wide range of people who “Might” see your brand the way you see your brand.
Analyzing Your Competition

We work around the clock to make sure your brand excels above the competition.  Nautux analyzes your brand with current competitors and finds the ideal formula for you to succeed. Nautux RTA™ system discovers more ways for your brand to make an impact on users.
It’s Not Art, It’s Nautux

Nautux is a safe way to grow your brand while maintaining a connection to your users. Our technology lets us obtain a bigger reach on your audience giving us the perfect opportunity to engage them, on all platforms including Iphone, Android, Desktop & Tablets!
In-Depth Reporting

At Nautux we believe in keeping your company in the loop and we do just that with our RTA™(Real Time Analytics) Platform. Reports are giving on a time frame setup between both parties, users can also login to the platform via RTA™ Login. Reports contain everything from age, region, likes, social media presence & more.

Nautux Growth Platform

What We Are

Nautux is a company that thrives to help businesses & brands grow by getting them customers that will stay and support there company for the long term. Nautux helps your brands in more ways then one by reaching out to a increased number of user base clients and letting them see your brand how you see your brand! Nautux has a highly skilled team who build marketing strategies and increase your brand’s user base while keeping your company from wasting money and time.

Research TestBrands


Get people talking.
Drive awareness for your brand.
Attract an audience to your brand while increasing ROI.


Access demographic level data to target the most contextually relevant audience for your brand while getting user more engaged within your brand.


Nautux outperformed competitors 2-1 with an outstanding ROI marketing strategy.

Nautux Average ROI is 7:1


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